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Our Company is built around the Customer Experience.

Business & IT Solutions

Our passion is providing Solutions which Streamline the Business Process and providing IT with Enterprise Software Solutions that have traditionally been addressed with consulting services and custom solutions.

We provide Specialized Software and Services which Uniquely define us.

Customers are finding we are Unparalleled.

Life Sciences

Deep Domain Knowledge is Required to Deliver such Effective Solutions.

Our Domain is Life Sciences Revenue Management.

Our Approach

We take a two-pronged approach:

  1. We provide a Software Solution to streamline business processes
  2. We support this with Strategic Services, leveraging our extensive experience in this complex business domain

Our Offerings

  • Software License

  • Government Pricing Calculation Insights

  • Government Pricing Analytics

  • Rebate Calculation Insights

  • Commercial Analysis

  • Business Operations Monitoring

  • Data Reallocation

  • Data Integration (Industry First!)

  • Revenue Management Data Mart

  • M&A Data Management

  • Gross to Net True-Up Reconciliation

  • Software Services

  • Number Match Testing Services

  • Data Conversion

  • Data Reconciliation

  • Data Cleansing

  • Consulting Services

  • Program Advisory Services

  • Revenue Management Subject Matter Experts

Our Differentiators

Our Software

  • Fast, Unique Feature Set

  • Visibility and Access to All Information

  • GP – Systematic Price Verification of All Prices in Seconds, Liability Impact in Seconds, Guided Analysis for Why a Price Changed, Targeted Data Health and New Data Alert Monitoring that is GP-Context Specific vs wading through tons of data that is Immaterial

  • Revenue Management Data Integration in a Box

  • Revenue Management Data Mart in a Box

Our Services

  • Life Sciences Revenue Management Subject Matter Experts

  • Service Offerings with Leave Behind Software which yields perpetual benefits vs Simply a Consulting Engagement whose value ends when Consulting Service ends

  • 360 Degree Experience – Enterprise Software, Industry, Consulting

  • Highly Specialized


Rochelle Maly & Eduardo Goncalves
Rochelle Maly & Eduardo GoncalvesCo-Founders
Eduardo and Rochelle have worked together for close to 20 years!

From Day 1, they realized they have a shared passion for customer success, which is fueled by a relentless pursuit in understanding the hurdles customers face.

This passion is the foundation of KERnel Business Solutions.